Hillingdon Swimming Club is a Swim 21 accredited competitive swimming club affiliated to the London Region Amateur Swimming Association and Middlesex County Amateur Swimming Association.


Club History

Ruislip-Northwood Swimming Club originated in the late 1950's and over the year rapidly grew into a very large club, incorporating all sections of water sports. Competitive swimming, learn-to-swim, masters, diving, sub aqua, life saving, synchro, snorkel and social swimming were all part of the same club. In 1987 the competitive swimming section along with the learn-to-swim revised their consitution and finances and independently registered with the ASA and was renamed Ruislip-Northwood Swim Squad.

Hillingdon Borough Swimming Club (HBSC) was formed in the early 1990s by the feeder clubs of Forward Hillingdon, SeaByrds and Ruislip-Northwood Swim Squad to provide an elite training squad. Members of HBSC retained membership of their feeder club but trained with HBSC. In 2006 HBSC closed and its swimmers became the Hillingdon Borough Elite Swimming Team (H.B.E.S.T.), hosted by Ruislip-Northwood Swim Squad.  

In December 2007,Ruislip-Northwood Swim Squad changed its name to Hillingdon Swimming Club in recognition of its borough wide activities. Hillingdon Swimming Club is currently organised into 2 houses, Ruislip-Northwood Swim Squad (RNSS) and the Hillingdon Borough Elite Swimming Team (HBEST).